BTS- First feature in development

Well, it’s official.

Our comedy feature is in development as well as a “mystery” project.  More on the mystery project, later in the year, but the comedy film will be a transparent process. When you sign up to the LBS newsletter, you’ll get the good, the bad, and the ugly of indie producing from a first time feature filmmaker.

I debated long and hard about if I would mention to my subbies prematurely.  After all, what if I don’t get funding. What if my crew bails. What if the end product isn’t what I hoped it would be? Welp. That is a whole lotta “What If’s”.


So what’s the truth in all this?

I’m a writer-producer-director, who has a completed short film for festival submission and a few live-action book trailers under my belt and I’ve read so many books on filmmaking as well as interviewed a slew of accomplished filmmakers that at some point, you just have to stop testing the waters with your big toe and jump on in with a big splash.

I’m giving you straight, unfiltered emotion, and lessons learned, from a first feature writer-producer-director vantage point.

First up: Development

This is where I consider the story I want to tell and get a script polished.  This is the backbone of the production.  As you can see, (below) I’ve already started on the 1st draft of the script.  REALLY excited!

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