Hi peeps!

As of January 2018 I’ve written, produced, and directed

  • Two live-action book trailers
  • Two microfilms
  • One 10-minute festival-bound short film

By the Grace of God.  😉

So now, I feel I’m ready for my first ultra-low (a.k.a no budget) feature production.

The goal is to make this feature a Straight-to-Streaming project on Amazon Video Direct, to sale AFTER a few submissions to festivals and Amazon Stories, Netflix, and Hulu.

Even though I feel I’m ready for this leap, I have consciously created a simple, light,  universal story that is millennial driven and a family-oriented comedy.

This will basically be grassroots and guerilla filmmaking using creative, no-budget “ideas”.

Filming Dates: TBD, but estimating an 8-12 day shoot Late Summer/Early Fall. Starting pre-production soon,

Locations: I have most of the core locations I need but still looking for some extras spots to up the production value. I will also be working on “funding/investors” for the post-production process. If you have any connections to any of the below locations please contact me!

Locations I’d like to include in the script: 

  • Lake or woodsy cabin (interior and exterior)
  • Small business office location (rental space or access to an “actual office” with desk set up)
  • Auto body shop/mechanic shop
  • Clubhouse (for a sorority shin-ding that sends our main character on a comedic downward spiral