BTS- First feature in development

Well, it’s official.

My first feature is in development and so is a “mystery” project.  More on the mystery later in the year, but the feature project will be a transparent process. When you sign up to my newsletter, you’ll get the good, the bad, and the ugly of indie producing from a first time feature filmmaker.

I debated long and hard about if I would mention to my subbies prematurely.  After all, what if I don’t get funding. What if my crew bails. What if the end product isn’t what I hoped it would be? Welp. That is a whole lotta “What If’s”.


So what’s the truth in all this?

I’m a writer-producer-director, who has a completed short film for festival submission and a few live-action book trailers under my belt and I’ve read so many books on filmmaking as well as interviewed a slew of accomplished filmmakers that at some point, you just have to stop testing the waters with your big toe and jump on in with a big splash.

What’s more. I’m a Gen Xer getting her second. That’s right, early 40s, a homeowner with a full-time day gig (in accounting) which takes away alot of my “production” time.

I’ll also be balancing the creative /production work on this feature between to other film projects with challenging deadlines.

Why on earth would I put so much pressure on myself?

Because  I need to know what I can do. And not going to “front”.  I also need a current demo reel of feature work so that I can start producing full time.

So here’s my thing.  I want this feature in post-production within 12 months from today.  THAT’S RIGHT.

That means I have to polish a script, get funding, go through pre-production, casting, and filming FIRST before I even think about post-pro

I think I can do it but…you should come along for the ride.

This is why I’m keeping a production diary. You’ll get the ins and outs, my trials and “aha” moments on this journey.

I’m giving you straight, unfiltered emotion, and lessons learned, from a first feature writer-producer-director vantage point.

I’m moving forward on this whether I have enough funding or not, even if I have to create some DIY lighting effects or set decor to stay within budget, you’re going to see the good, the bad, and the ugly of producing an indie feature from someone who still has a full-time day job and a laundry list of other obligations.

If you’re an experienced filmmaker with tips and tricks to share throughout my journey, please post in the comments. I would love feedback on making this journey flow as nicely as possible.

First up: Development

This is where I consider the story I want to tell and get a script polished.  This is the backbone of the production.  As you can see, (below) I’ve already started on the 1st draft of the script.  REALLY excited!

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