9 things that agged me about the Game of Thrones ending

SPOILERS! IJS 😉 I’m a latecomer into the Game of Thrones #GOT series and binge watched Season 1- Season 7 three weeks before Season 8 commenced. Throughout season 8 I was torn, as there were some episodes that had my undivided attention and some, like the ending that left me agged. A slew of petitions and commentaries about the series finale have swarmed the net, so I’ll add my six issues with Game of Thrones […]

Breaking down Charmed vs the 2018 reboot

page is continually being edited. Well. I did it. I watched the trailer for the “Charmed” reboot. As a writer and filmmaker, who also happens to be a stan of Charmed (aka super fan) I wasn’t impressed by the trailer’s editing, depicted plotlines, acting or the special/VFX effects. A deeper reflection on the VFX. It’s like when you see the Post-80s-produced prequel and sequel Star Wars episodes made nearly 20+ years AFTER the original trilogy […]