Charmed reboot is happening

I used to want to be on Charmed, or at least write an episode. So when I heard about the reboot a few years ago, I was ecstatic. why?


The original Charmed show started off dramatic with a little of “real-life comedy” dealing with estranged sisters, multi-generational family dynamics, generational curses, love found and lost, and a destiny so overwhelming that it brought them all together to fight for the greater good.

I even stayed with Charmed when it went a little “campy” making fun of popular TV Shows and movies, like “Sex in the City” and “Excalibur” after the untimely death of Prue.

I was one of those fans that screamed bloody murder for the 8th season, and grit my teeth when they brought Kaley Cuoco in on the last season, (one of the worst seasons EXCEPT for when Victor Webster joined, he made it salvageable.)

And I like the last season even more because I can skip to the good parts (without Kaley).

The final episode of season 8 not only tied up loose ends fairly nice but it gave us hope of a new generation with new stories to tell, which, by the way, would have been a great segue into this 2018 remake.

I honestly think the original Charmed (which I still watch on DVD and Netflix in weekend marathons), would have survived a bonafide reboot. You know to “pass on the torch” to GEN Y and Z cast, but the way the CW went about it is like they were purposefully trying to “exclude” the original cast members.

And why does ever teen show nowadays have to start off dark, edgy, and overly sexual and feature a group of people (most not even teen actors) doing grown-up things, who don’t know jack about life and responsibility? Is this what we’re peddling to our kids?

Lord forbid if Buffy, Dark Angel, or Angel reboots are done like this. It’s like they are trying to destroy the “good” of the 80s and 90s. Some things just need to be left the hell alone.

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