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Ember Dawn’s late night combat training with her Aunt Maven didn’t seem “natural”, at least when compared to the lives of her fellow classmates. It definitely didn’t make her dating material. But thanks to YouTube make up hauls and her friend Rena Delgado, she’s somehow managed to balance her place between the A-Crowd, The Jocks and The Misfits and even earn the attention of her super-crush Hudson Merk.

Then the summer following high school  graduation, she finds her home invaded by Archemedes, a Griffion Guard and learns that she’s a Sentinel, protector of a magical RuneStone.

Story, Writer/Producer/Co-Director: K. Roshun
Cinematographer /Co-Director: Andrew Thomas

Title Editing & Portal EFX: AThomas Visuals

Source Material: Doomsday League, novella by K. Roshun
Edited by: A. Thomas/ K.Delley

Casting: K.Delley
Ke’Anda as Ember Dawn

Web/ Streaming


  • 2007

    The Idea

    The idea.

  • 2015


    Novella Published.

  • 2015

    Book Trailer Filming Begins

  • 2016


    Post Production

Back Story

One of the projects we adapted to a live-action trailer, was the basic book trailer for novella, Doomsday League: Beginnings.

In the screen grabs (above) of the live-action trailer are North Texas’ rising stars, Ke’Anda and Annalicia Sustaita.  If you’d like to book Ke’Anda for your project, she’s a young lady of many talents including cheerleading, dance, and commercial modeling.

As far as Annalicia, she’s a boxing sensation who has an incredible story about her journey to overcome victimization from bullying which put her in the boxing ring.  Read the article >>here<<. 

Because of the trailer and marketing for the novella, over 1,000 people entered the Goodreads giveaway within 30days. (see below image after blog post)

After feedback from the giveaway copies, as the author of the book and trailer producer, I decided to turn the novella into a full-length novel. And of course, with a novel, I wanted a live-action trailer to promote it.  The final cut to the live-action trailer will be available for tribe members who have contributed to our IndieGoGo Campaign >>here<<

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We’ll have more behind the scenes images and footage when the time comes!