2014–how it began

I decided to write and produce a commercial to enter into the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl challenge. I didn’t finish the project in time to enter into 2014 and in 2015 an opportunity came to produce my first short film.  So the video never went through a final edit, color correction or grading.  Still, work was put into this project and it enhanced my writing/producing skills. And was the first “completed” video project as a 1-woman crew.  I wrote, produced, directed, edited and worked the camera.  So, although it’s unfinished, I’m proud to have it as a part of my portfolio.

For access to video please contact me at info(at)lilbigsis.com

The script went through a few revisions, however, the video is based on the original script with cheerleaders.

Thanks to my nieces and nephews for their commitment and allowing me to use them as talent for the project.

My youngest niece, RiRi, really came through for me as the “Toddler X” cheer wrangler.