9 things that agged me about the Game of Thrones ending


I’m a latecomer into the Game of Thrones #GOT series and binge watched Season 1- Season 7 three weeks before Season 8 commenced. Throughout season 8 I was torn, as there were some episodes that had my undivided attention and some, like the ending that left me agged.

A slew of petitions and commentaries about the series finale have swarmed the net, so I’ll add my six issues with Game of Thrones after watching each season and the finale. Excuse typos (if any) as I’m multi-tasking but wanted my two cents out as soon as possible, so no time for a ‘serious” self-edit..

BRAN the Broken-¬†I have no idea why he became the Raven, and why he was so devoid of personality because of it. Even the original Raven had more personality. And why was everything that he was, his family especially, remote to him? As if he no longer had any emotion about them. I also don’t like the fact that he said, “Why do you think I came all this way” after becoming King of the Six Realms, as if to say, he “set things in motion” and played pawns to get him where he was.

If¬†so,¬†then¬†he¬†knew¬†what¬†would¬†happen¬†to¬†Jon.¬†¬†That means he knew Jon didn’t want to be king and Sansa only wanted to protect the North, so there was a great chance he’d end up king anyway, so why didn’t he guide them on less destructive paths? I liked Bran in the beginning and felt for him, but after he became the Raven, just lost any care for him. So him ending up King was disappointing and came out of nowhere because no one really was “rooting” for Bran. He’d honestly be forgotten (by viewers) if his peeps hadn’t dragged/carried him everywhere.

NEXT: Maester, Samwell Tarly – If it weren’t for him they wouldn’t’ know about the dragon glass to hurt the white walkers, and at moments when his back was against the wall, he did out of survival mode, stand his ground and kill. BUT when he was surrounded by alot of brave men, he really didn’t do much, in fact, people died protecting him. So other than learning about dragon glass and Jon’s true birthright, why was his character needed for many of the seasons? I mean there have been complete episodes all about him and his journey. WHY? The information he provided that aided in the battle could have been received from him in other ways.

NEXT: Daenerys death. Come on now. VERY anticlimactic. Disappointing to no end. I haven’t read the novels so don’t know if this is something that was in the original books or a twist by the screenwriters of the show but damn, why spend 8 freakin’ seasons getting people invested in her character, in her journey for her not to at least sit on the throne before she dies? If not that, why couldn’t she have a more dramatic end? After everything this woman went through, after all she’d done, her journey ends with stab wound by the man she loved. It was sneaky and calculated and although that is the way of the world, this was fantasy, and too much time had been invested in both Jon and Daenerys for that cheesy exit. It’s like the writers had backed themselves into a corner then threw up their hands and said…”Eff it”.

MOVING ON TO JON: It’s like the writers tried everything in their power to do the opposite of what everyone was expecting or hoped for. But not going to lie, when I learned season 8 would be a short season, and that ep6 was the last one, after “The Bells” episode when D obliterated the city…I’m like, how are they going to tie all that crap up in one more episode?

Daenerys had just laid waste to King’s Landing, and if we thought Jon was going to become King and “overthrow” her in one episode when it took over a season to unite them and have them fight together, then we’ve been played. And why did Tyrion’s funky speech at the end about D move Jon to betray her, more than anything else? Heck, even defied his siblings and countrymen for her. He’d killed for her. Sure, seeing what she did to King’s Landing might have a brother re-thinking things, as it was an uncountable massacre, but they should have taken at least a couple more episodes to show the conflict of the decision he had to make.

AND WHY toss his true inheritance at the last few episodes, as if it would’ve made a damn bit of difference if he wasn’t going to sit on the throne? Knowing who Jon really was, did NOTHING. I could see if Jon died, or was sent to the Night Watch without knowing the truth, then later, the Grand Maesta found the truth but decided to keep it to himself, knowing Jon didn’t want the throne. But Jon’s identity getting discovered at the crucial time that it was made it appear as if it would have a big impact on the final ending.

THEN: The Dothraki: If I was them, I’d come back from the dead and haunt every last one of them. LOL. First, the powers that be sent the Dothraki into battle before the other armies, as footsoldiers against the Undead. With no armour. Yes that is their way, but folks, we’re not dealing with normal armies. We’re dealing with the Night King’s army. So basically they were sent to be slaughtered.

Oh how about the Repopulation of Dothraki and Unsullied: How did the Dothraki and the Unsullied repopulate? Weren’t the Dothraki nearly extinct after the Battle at Winterfell? And the Unsullied’s numbers dropped drastically during the Knight King battle. Even if some Dothraki/Unsullied got away, there wouldn’t be nearly enough for the numbers portrayed in “The Bells” episode.

NOT FORGETTING: Arya. WHY. I’m like we watched this young girl’s journey and training for how many freaking seasons? All the build-up just to see her in a few minutes of a fight sequence in season 8. Sure she had scenes where she sliced a throat or two, had a hardcore attitude and witty remarks against her captors. She’s also spun a staff and wielded a sword. But these were ‘clips’ of intel, not a show of her true skill.

Overall, she had a few short scenes where we saw her “train” earlier on. But after all the hype about her badassery and her attitude, I was really expecting to see more from her. Think Black Widow in the avengers bad, or Atomic Blonde bad, but really she was just…not so bad.

True, the Night King episode was devoted to show her prowess (or lack there of) as she worked her way around the stronghold and evaded the white walkers. But it’s mostly her slipping in and out of places. Then she meets up with the Red Woman again.

“You said I’d shut many eyes forever,” Ayra said. “You were right about that too.”

“Brown eyes, green eyes,” replies Melisandre (Red Woman). “And blue eyes.”

Those who watched the episode know what the above dialogue is about. So this gives Arya the 411 on her destiny and she sets off to kill the Night King. She does so with a simple hand move at the right, opportunistic moment. That madness does not require 8 FREAKING SEASONS of build up.

And then when she’s strutting through King’s Landing like she’s Tom Cruise in Top Gun with the Hound like she’s about to tear shit up…she DOESN’T. Matter fact, that chick is running scared. It’s like she’s ALL talk, and her way out is the Hound telling her basically don’t do it, don’t make your life all about revenge -blah blah.

Now granted, the dragon is destroying things and buildings are caving in, so who would want to stick around and kill people, but I truly believe even if that wasn’t going on, and even if the Hound didn’t say his “piece”, Arya would have spent most of that episode strutting, slipping and dodging, and mouthing off.

LASTLY: What the hell did the people eat at the end? That big ass army, after they decimated EVERYTHING had to be tired and starvin marvin. I mean come on GOT writers/ producers, you showed everything else, as gruesome as it was for 8 SEASONS why not show what the soldiers ate?

And a bonus: Brienne, really should have put her name in the book. She’s a female knight. OR at the very least, you’d think they would have shown where she included “Jaime” knighted her or something.

There are more but these are the biggest turn offs. What about you?

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