Sarah Jane is finished (re-post)

Well, we made it through

My short film “A Day in the Life of Sarah Jane” is complete.  Now she’s set for the post-production phase which will commence after the new year. Hopefully, after some color grading, film scoring, and ADR etc, etc, she’ll be ready for festival submission by the end of summer 2016. However, I plan to take my time and really maximize this opportunity for the finished product.

I feel like a mama letting go of her baby, sending “her” off to become greater. LOL.

After almost a decade of working that script and overcoming obstacles to get it made (funding and collaborative partners) I finally had the chance to go through the whole process, development, pre-production, principal photography, and now post.  I’m thrilled to see where this journey takes me.


Honey child, when I tell you this has been a journey and a labor of love, trust, and faith….BELIEVE, me when I say that this short sistah was tested, tried, poked, and prodded but, in the end, we all went down swinging with everything we had to make sure this film got made. LOL.

No matter what, though, Sarah Jane, could not have been done without our amazing cast and (beyond) skeletal crew and filmmakers.

THANKS TO THEM, Sarah Jane is in the final stretch.

Any setbacks throughout pre-production and production, only made us stronger, and more resourceful. I wanted to go through this process to prep me for my first feature film. As I harnessed the roles of writer, director, and producer, I learned my “collaborating” style and how I should run a set. I had to learn to say “No”, for the sake of the production, and “kill some creative babies” for the sake of collaboration on a ridiculously tight budget.

If I wasn’t so tired, I’d be tap dancin’. 😉

Well…I could go on, and on with the good, the bad and the uglified beauty of an uber-ultra-micro-budget, indie film production, but I’ll save that until after the new year where I recap the process up to final edits. But right now, I’m getting ready to catch a plane to Maui!

So until the next post, or “tweet” know that…

God is good. God is able.

Keep that light burning peeps. You’re almost there!


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