Sarah Jane Sound Design

It’s nearly 2 years since Sarah Jane wrapped production. I know the question.

Why did it take so long to finish post-pro on a short film?

Between a full-time day job, school, and freelancing (graphic design and literary services) + raising finishing funds for editing and color grading, I’m finally at a place where I can close out this project with a smile.

But first, I have to conquer Sound Design.  LOL.

I’m just about done.  Then it’s a few tweaks to the sound mixing and overall film edit and it’s off to festivals for submission.

Long process and I have new found respect for sound designers and the impact they have on the tone of a film.

I mean, you know sound plays a major role in the film, but all the intricate things you have to do, editing for dialog, adr, foley, (etc) mixing, adding in other effects and mixing it all.  EGADS!

So basically, Filming is like the SHORTEST phase of production (for most projects).  Pre-pro and post-pro take up a lot of time but I’m thankful for the lessons learned.  It’s made me a well-rounded filmmaker.

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