The hunt for Kae’s October

I woke up this morning grateful for a crazy, chaotic, adventurous, time-crunched, artistic, stretching… yet beautiful October 2015.

So many creative “irons in the fire” were completed that had taken years to develop, plan, and nurture, that to see them culminate into end products and receive a “red check mark”in my mental to-do list has me kinda giddy. Anticipation courses through me as I wait to see how the public receives them.

Still the month of October 2015 flew by so quick, I honestly only remember the days on set.

I have been stretched out of comfort zones over the last decade, but 2015 has been a year of firsts, especially in October 2015. I have been convicted in areas that I knew needed work, but just needed that push to get me over the last hurdle, the end of ACT I, and into the doorway for the next ACT in my life. The emotional and physical sharpening I encountered last month will help me throughout the next phase of my journey.


Through directing a short film with a skeletal crew and ultra, micro-indie budget, I learned more about leadership. It’s about decision-making, planning, and knowing when to pick a battle and when to let sleeping dogs lie. So to speak. In order to lead, you have to learn to be humble enough to follow, ask questions, and allow people to shine in their strengths so that you can get the benefit of their purpose in your life. Overall, it’s about bringing out the best in the people around you, so that you can also be sharpened into a better person. Leadership is NOT about you, and ALL about them.


No matter how humble you think you are, when you see God’s greatness from the edge of a crumbling cliff, after riding on zig-zagged paths around a mountain side, the experience allows you a bird’s eye view of the expansive Pacific Ocean and all the wonders below it which keep our ecosystem functioning. This breaks you down to a child-like place so that you can truly understand “humility” and it takes you to another level of appreciation.


It’s trusting God and leaning on HIS grace, that allows you to see the best in others, and trust them to do what HE sent them to do. Keep in mind, what HE sent them to do in your life may not be what YOU think you need or want, or expect, but it’s all about preparing you to be the best person you can be.

So with all that said, I have to thank people throughout the process, because without them, my “October Transformation” would not have been possible.

Thanks to:

My parents, my beautiful grandmother, my aunts, uncles and cousins, but especially: Aurora Settles, Tisha Delley, Gemiah Delley, Gherig Trask , and Anton Towns who helped keep me grounded throughout this pivotal month.

Additional thanks to all my filmmaking buds (you know who you are) for the strong advice, tough love, and the reality checks of producing and directing a film. All the Youtubers who gave free tutorials that helped me along the way.

Special thanks to cast and crew of short film A Day in the Life of Sarah Jane and the cast and crew of live-action book trailer Doomsday League that I was blessed to write, produce and direct.

Lastly, thanks to new collaborators and old and new friendships who taught me lessons (whether you realize it or not) that have sharpened me in these areas.

Truly thankful…


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